Thursday, January 05, 2006

About Metropolis Photo Archive

I was cleaning out some stacks of printouts yesterday, and I ran across a stack of Metropolis printed pictures and related material. I went to the web to check to see if the original pages were still there, and they weren't. Now I really like the movie Metropolis by Fritz lang, and I don't want to see the published pages about it lost, so I started this blog to act as an archive for pictures I have found on the web that are either from the movie, or are more modern images that refer to the original movie in some way. These images are not in any particular order, except possibly sort of a reverse alphabetical order based on some pretty arbitrary file names.

The bad news is, that I can't find some of the images that used to be up on the web, and as such they seem to have been lost, unless others post them again. In particular, images that were up on an australian server are no longer there, and they included lots of published images of advertisements and stories about metropolis. Truly sad that they are gone.

Anyway, here is a place where you can find at least some of the images about Metropolis, hopefully they will be up for a long time.

As stated in the header, if you believe you own any of the images published here and do not want them to be included in this archive, let me know and I will take your images down.

Tom Zimmer